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Diamonds of nano dimensions – full use of the positive properties at smallest size

As implied by its name, a nanodiamond is only a few nanometers in size. Despite of this, nanodiamonds have all the properties of regular diamonds. Therefore, nanodiamonds are perfect for the use in research and industry. Also in medicine do we find new application areas that, in a few years, can lead to life-saving developments. We at PlasmaChem want to contribute to the progress in these important and interesting areas – just like in recent years.

Nanodiamonds – in origin a gift of nature

They do occur in mineral oil, natural gas and extraterrestrial rock fragments. Such sources often contain a variety of nanodiamonds that are could be ideal for research purposes if not their tiny quantity. At PlasmaChem, we use the detonation synthesis to artificially manufacture nanodiamonds at a large scale. The areas of nanodiamonds research are today as large and diverse as they could be: from the use of nanodiamonds in the reduction of the energy consumption of electrical modules or combustion engines to possible applications in medical and hospital technology, and the fight against bacteria, viruses and diseases such as cancer.

Nanodiamonds as all-rounders – wonder of nanoscience

Nanodiamonds are much smaller than the diamonds in jewelry that we normally associate with the term “diamond”. But nanodiamonds have all the positive properties of other diamonds. They are as stable, transparent and durable as the big diamonds and, like them, exhibit the highest hardness, thermal and acoustic conductivity. Because of their small size, nanodiamonds can be used in areas where, just a few decades ago, the use of diamonds would have been unthinkable.

What is the actual use for nanodiamonds?

Currently, nanodiamonds are one of most popular areas of research in nano science. This is not least because nanodiamonds could achieve some breakthroughs in the next few years if research continues with the same vigor. Because in addition to energy-saving effects nanodiamonds could actually turn out to be lifesavers.

In recent years, a first series of experiments has pointed out that nanodiamonds, due to their small size and ability to enter cells, could be a perfect means to fight cancer. So nanodiamonds combined with medical drugs could enter cancer cells, remain inside, and there release the drug over a longer period. A treatment method has never before come so close to the source of the disease.

Furthermore, nanodiamonds are intensively used as reinforcement additives to metal coatings, improving their mechanical and friction characteristics. Addition of specially prepared nanodiamonds to motor oils, leads to the long-time reduction of wear, fuel consumption, and undesirable emissions in exhaust, increase of torque and power of the engines.

Nanodiamonds in PlasmaChem’s portfolio

Our field of activity covers production, research as well as trade. Therefore, we are as interested in the sale of nanodiamonds as we are in the steadily progressing development of possible applications and research results. Even though we are convinced of nanotechnology, we also still believe in the necessity to research sustainably this technology to ensure its best possible use in all areas. For advances in health, technology and science.

Our products include: Graphite / Diamond Nano-mixture, Nanodiamonds of different grades as powders or dispersions, positively charged, extra-pure nanodiamonds as well as "Single-digit" nanodiamonds (SDND).