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Quantum Dots

Quantum dots are fluorescent nanoparticles of certain semiconducting materials, which electronic properties closely depend on the particles’ size. The fluorescence wavelength shifts red for larger particles, and to blue for the smaller ones. This enables to cover almost the complete visible colour spectrum with quantum dots of different sizes, but of the same material.
The possibility to define the size of the particles during their manufacturing, allows to precisely control their electronic and fluorescent properties.
The inorganic nature of quantum dots makes them far more stable than organic fluorescent dyes. Moreover, the surface of quantum dots particles is modified with carboxylic groups, which makes them highly soluble in water and enable covalent conjugation with proteins and other molecules.

CdTe hydrophilic Q-dots are coated with -COOH groups and can be easily used for labeling purposes for chemical and biological applications. CdSe/ZnS and ZnCdSe/ZnS (core/shell type) Q-dots are hydrophobic and are soluble in most non-polar organic solvents.

All quantum dots are supplied in glass vials with PTFE-lined septum seals for easy reconstitution and liquid handling.

NEW!!! Now also available in kits containing different wavelengths.
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