Overview on NanoPowders Applications
Lapping and Polishing Applications
Nickel Plated Rigid Memory Disk NanoDiamonds
Al-Rigid Memory Disk Substrate NanoDiamonds
Polycarbonate and CR-39 Eyeglass Lenses NanoDiamonds
Miniature and Precision Ball Bearings NanoDiamonds
Optical and Laser Optical Components NanoDiamonds
Ceramics NanoDiamonds
Orthopedic Prostheses NanoDiamonds
Precious Stones NanoDiamonds
Honing Microtome Knives NanoDiamonds
Stainless Steel Sheet NanoDiamonds
Metallic Mirrors and Precision Metal Polishing NanoDiamonds
Lapidary Materials NanoDiamonds
Acrylic Sheet, Aircraft Windows and Canopies NanoDiamonds
Contact Lenses NanoDiamonds
Ferrite Surface Preparation NanoDiamonds
Mechanical Seal Lapping NanoDiamonds
Superhard and Soft Nanoabrasives NanoDiamonds
Polishing of PC Hard Disc NanoDiamonds

Polishing of PC Hard Disc

Other Applications
Surface germination for following growth of diamond-like CDV- and PECVD-films NanoDiamonds
Ni-Diamond and Cr-Diamond Electroplated Hard Coatings:
Sharply improved mechanical properties - reduced metal grain size
Molecular Sieves NanoDiamonds
Lubricant Additive to Engine Oil NanoDiamonds
Dry Lubricants for Metal Industry (Drawing of W-, Mo-, V-, Rh-wires) NanoDiamonds
Reinforcing Fillers for plastics and rubbers NanoDiamonds
Chromatographic Carriers NanoDiamonds
Low Temperature Sintering NanoCeramics
New Ceramic Alloys NanoCeramics
Ceramic-Metal Electroplated Hard Coatings NanoCeramics
Ceramic-Reinforced Metal Alloys NanoCeramics
Cold Ceramic Nanoglues NanoCeramics
LIGA-Technology (micromechanics) NanoCeramics
Bioactive Carriers NanoCeramics
Ceramic Nanofilters NanoCeramics
Special Glasses and Crystalls NanoCeramics
Oral Dentifrices NanoCeramics
Magnetic Media Ingredient NanoCeramics
Translucent High-Strength Ceramics NanoCeramics
Semiconductor Products NanoCeramics
Floppy Disks, Audio / Video Tapes NanoCeramics
Powder Metallurgy NanoMetals
Magnetic Nanoliquids, Coatings and Nanomedia NanoMetals
Welding Joints at 0,4 Tm NanoMetals
Reinforced Glues and Composites NanoMetals
Additives to Engine Oil NanoMetals
Primary Components for Porous Heat Exchangers NanoMetals
Metal Reusable Nanofilters NanoMetals

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