NanoCeramics Applications
Lapping and polishing applications Other applications:
  • Low temperature sintering
  • New Ceramic alloys
  • Ceramic-metal electroplated hard coatings
  • Ceramic-reinforced metal alloys
  • Cold ceramic nanoglues
  • LIGA-technology (micromechanics)
  • Bioactive carriers
  • Ceramic nanofilters
  • Special glasses and crystals
  • Oral Dentifrices
  • Magnetic Media Ingredient
  • Translucent High-Strength Ceramics
  • Semiconductor Products
  • Floppy Disks, Audio/Video Tapes
   Nano-Alumina Al2O3
Nano-Alumina - click to enlarge...

   Nano-Silicon Carbide SiC
Nano-Silicon Carbide - click to enlarge...

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